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#13681268 Mar 05, 2018 at 08:49 PM

Namn: Jimmi

Ålder: 19

Berätta om dig själv: I´m a very nice person, or atleast thats what im told. Im from Denmark and will have no problem understanding Swedish.

Right now im studying in gymnasium and doesnt spend my time on other things than computer atm, so I will have a lot of time to raid and be social and things like that.

In-game namn/klass/spec: Zazan / Druid / Resto

Battletag: Curse123123#2383

Armory link:
Got my feral artifact weapon on here, so ilvl is a bit lower. My healer Ilvl is 959.

Hur många dagars /played har du på din karaktär? 9 days. Recently boosted it to get a Horde alt. Now it has become my main.

[size=13]Om ditt gear: Recently got some new gear so I havent gemmed and enchanted yet. But im gonna enchant and gem with Haste and Mastery since its the 2 main factors that play in my healing. Haste doing that my casting is faster and my HoT´s tick faster, while mastery does that I heal % more per each HoT I have on the target im healing. Current now is 18% and with 4 HoT´s thats 72% more healing on the target.


Tidigare erfarenheter: I dont have much legion experience other than I find heroic way to easy and cannot play mythic in my current guild. I used to raid a lot on MOP and when WoD first came out where I was quick to start doing HC, unforttunately I had to stop playing wow at that time.

Den svåraste bossen du har dödat: In my current guild that would be aggrammar. What the guild did was that they put my CC instead of an idiot hunter. And ive done the CC ever since. Like a said, I dont really find any bosses hard atm.

At this boss I didnt have the Eonar trinket which has improved my healing a bit.

Nuvarande guild:

Tidigare guilder: My current guild is Demonicus where we raid HC once a week, 1 shot clear.

Varför söker du just till Norrlands Guld?: I wanna do Mythic, and this guild was the closest to danish that seems to understand and know how to raid. I wanna prove myself instead of just dealing with the same shit over and over again.
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